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A Photoshoot of two halves – Moody beach vibes and Urban Fashion
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I’ve recently spent three weeks in Sydney on holiday, and was lucky enough to collaborate with a few models on photoshoots while there including this Beach and Urban Fashion Photoshoot..

Featuring two new shots from a photoshoot in Manly, Sydney with model Aarthi. We had a half day shoot and two very different vibes for the shoot.

One would be urban fashion on and around the Manly Corso – normally filled with locals and tourists visiting the shops and food locations while at the beach.

On seeing the outfit Aarthi had brought along, it was immediately clear these shots had to be monochrome – something working really well in this shot!

the other theme for this beach and urban fashion photoshoot was for moody beach vibes wearing a mixture of swimwear and various cover ups. This shot exactly what we were aiming for, with monochrome post processing and the Aarthi bringing all of the mood to the shot.

More from this shoot soon in a portfolio!

I’m always looking for models, if you would be interested in a shoot get in touch!

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