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Explore a fantastic Art Nude photoshoot with Model Elen Moore
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In January 2019, I had the pleasure of conducting an art nude photoshoot with Model Elen Moore at Little Congwong beach in Sydney. This hidden gem, situated in Botany Bay National Park, boasts pristine waters and soft sand, making it the perfect backdrop for our session. As a clothing-optional beach, it isn’t uncommon to spot topless or nude sunbathers, creating an ideal environment for an art nude photoshoot. Despite the chilly morning, Elen and I managed to seize the opportunity and capture breathtaking shots that beautifully encapsulated the carefree atmosphere of the beach.

Black and white photography has the ability to evoke mood and enhance the emotional impact of an image. It can bestow a classic feel, which proved to be highly effective during our photoshoot. By employing black and white processing, I am able to accentuate the raw and natural beauty of the beach and Elen herself. Additionally, it adds a nostalgic touch, infusing the photos with an artistic essence. As a photographer, I frequently employ black and white processing when I believe it will accurately convey the mood of a shoot, as it remains one of my preferred techniques.

I take great pleasure in collaborating with models of all experience levels, offering TFP (Time for Print) shoots as a means for both parties to benefit. These photoshoots provide models with an excellent opportunity to build their portfolios while allowing me to explore different ideas and techniques. For TFP shoots, I offer the model a selection of five edited images, which they can use to showcase their work. If you’re a model seeking to expand your portfolio or simply eager to explore various styles and concepts, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer TFP photoshoots in London and Sydney, making it convenient for individuals in either location to get in touch and collaborate.

The art nude photoshoot I conducted with Model Elen Moore at Little Congwong beach in Sydney was an exceptional experience, resulting in captivating black and white images that perfectly captured the beach’s carefree atmosphere. For more images from this art nude photoshoot, you can visit this the portfolio here. As a photographer, I’m continuously driven to experiment with different techniques, and black and white processing remains a personal favorite. If you’re a model interested in developing your portfolio, I invite you to reach out to me for a TFP photoshoot in either London or Sydney. It would be my pleasure to collaborate with you and produce stunning images together.

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Art Nude photoshoot with Model Elen Moore

Beach nude with model Elen Moore
Art Nude Photshoot at the Beach with Model Elen Moore
Model Elen Moore Beach Nude

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