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Is Black and White Photography better?
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Whether or not black and white photography is “better” is largely a matter of personal preference and the context in which the photograph is being used. However, there are some qualities of black and white photography that can make it appealing including a timelessness vibe. Black and white photography can evoke a sense of nostalgia, associated with the early days of photography.

Emphasis on texture and form, in the absence of colour black and white photography can emphasise the texture and form of the subject. This can be particularly effective for subjects with interesting for portraits and removing colour from a photograph can simplify the image, allowing the viewer to focus on the composition and the subject matter. This can be especially useful when the subject is complex or busy, as it can help to clarify the image.

Monochrome portraits can often evoke a strong emotional response, as it can be seen as more artistic and dramatic than colour photography. This can make the photograph more powerful and memorable.

Black and White Portraits has been a direction I have been moving in, having spent a lot of Covid lockdown revisiting older shoots and processing in black and white, and that it has a definite vibe I really enjoy. And with shooting more film, I love the look of Ilford Delta 100 and is now my ‘go to’ film.

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