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Capturing the vibe of urban style with model Emily
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In the vibrant streets of Sydney’s CBD, a fashion photoshoot took place, capturing the vibe of urban style. Featuring Model Emily, standing tall amidst the scenery of Hyde Park. In this shot, she showcases a fashionable double denim look, wearing jeans paired with a sleeveless denim jacket.

The photograph embodies the spirit of a trendy city atmosphere, accentuated by the black and white processing that adds a touch of sophistication. Captured with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera and a Canon 70-200mm lens, every detail of the model and the surrounding location blurred with the depth of field for some speckled light.

To explore more photographs from this dynamic fashion in the City photoshoot, where we fully embrace the denim vibes, head over to the portfolio here. Additionally, you can also discover another shoot featuring Emily, with moody shots taken on the beach, by taking a look here!

If you would be interested in a photoshoot with me, in London or later in the year in Sydney, you can get in touch here.

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