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Double Denim model photoshoot in Shoreditch with Athena
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Last week I had a great Double Denim photoshoot in Shoreditch, London with the amazing model Athena. It was such a fun and creative experience, and I wanted to share some of the details with you all.

We shot around Princelett Street and Brick Lane, two areas that are famous for their urban vibes and street art. We wanted to capture the edgy and trendy atmosphere of the area, and we definitely succeeded! The backdrop of colorful graffiti and unique architecture made for some stunning photos.

The main theme of the shoot was double denim. Athena brought along two outfits that worked really well with the theme. We wanted to give the shots a fashion editorial vibe, and these outfits were perfect for that. The first look was jeans and a denim shirt, while the second look was a denim skirt and a strapless denim top. Both outfits were styled from previous denim outfits, which worked really well for the vibe of the shoot.

I was using a Canon EOS R5 with a Sigma 85mm lens for the shoot, which is my go-to setup for portraits and the narrow depth of field look I love. It allowed me to focus on Athena as the subject capture some really stunning shots. I always love working with this lens because because of the results it produces!

One of my favorite things about this shoot was the variety of locations we were able to use. We started out on quiet, Princelett street that has some great architecture and character buildings. Then, we moved on to some of the more colourful and chaotic parts of the neighbourhood near Brick Lane, where we could really capture the energy of the area. The contrast between the two locations made for a really interesting and dynamic set of photos.

Throughout the shoot, Athena was an absolute joy to work with. She has such a great energy and was really open to trying new things and exploring different poses and expressions. It was clear that she was passionate about modeling, and her enthusiasm was infectious.

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Overall, this was such a fantastic experience, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented and inspiring model. Shoreditch is such a unique and vibrant area of London, and I can’t wait to do more shoots there in the future.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the two shots below as a this little glimpse into our Double Denim photoshoot in Shoreditch adventure. Checkout even more from this shoot on this page!

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