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Capturing the Edgy Vibes of Shoreditch: A Double Denim Photoshoot with Model Athena
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I recently had the privilege of embarking on an extraordinary Double Denim photoshoot featuring the edgy vibes of Shoreditch, London. Collaborating with the talented model Athena, we ventured through the vibrant streets of Princelett Street and Brick Lane, renowned for their urban atmosphere and captivating street art. In this post, I’m sharing some details of our creative journey, accompanied by three black and white images from the portfolio.

Our aim was to capture the essence of Shoreditch’s edgy and trendy aura, and it’s safe to say that we succeeded. Against the backdrop of colorful graffiti and unique architectural gems, our photos truly came to life. Each location offered a fresh canvas for our vision, allowing us to curate a series of stunning shots.

Central to the shoot was the double denim theme, which lent a fashionable editorial touch to the images. Athena brought two outfits that perfectly complemented the concept. The first ensemble comprised a denim shirt paired with jeans, while the second look featured a denim skirt accompanied by a strapless denim top. Both outfits, meticulously styled by Athena’s and elevated the visual impact of the shoot.

To capture the intricate details and deliver a narrow depth of field effect, I relied on my new Canon EOS R5 camera paired with a Sigma 85mm lens. This setup provided outstanding results, particularly for portrait photography. It easily allowed me to focus on highlighting Athena’s captivating features, resulting in a series of truly mesmerizing shots.

Throughout the entire shoot, Athena was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her infectious energy and unwavering passion for modeling brought an extra layer of magic to the images. Her willingness to experiment with different poses and expressions truly added depth and character to each shot.

This photoshoot was a fantastic experience from start to finish. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Athena, whose talent and dedication were awe-inspiring. Shoreditch, with its unique and vibrant charm, provided the perfect canvas for our creative exploration. The three black and white images from our portfolio, featured in this post, serve as a testament to the incredible talent of Athena and the inspiring aesthetics of Shoreditch and you can see much more from this shoot here.

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