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Capturing the Unique Style of Eniko: A Black and White Photoshoot in Canary Wharf, London by Roker Photography
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One of the most exciting things about working with models on TFP (time for print) Photoshoots is the opportunity to bring their unique personality and style to life through the lens of the camera. I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Eniko, a new model from Hungary, in the bustling financial district of Canary Wharf in London.

To begin our shoot, I always like to start in a quiet area to get to know the model and how we work together. This allows us to capture the best images possible during the photoshoot. With Eniko, we started in a peaceful park area where she wore distressed-style jeans and a white tank top. These initial shots set the mood for the rest of the shoot and allowed us to establish a rapport with one another.

After our initial shots, we explored more areas around Canary Wharf, capturing Eniko in different outfits and poses with the city backdrop. The resulting images can be found in my portfolio at this link. However, for this post, the images featured are from the start of the shoot in that park area, processed in black and white to remove the distraction of color. I always find that black and white photography creates a certain mood and adds depth to the images.

Eniko is a fantastic model to work with, and her creativity and ideas bring a lot to a shoot. I believe that it is important to work collaboratively with models to create images that showcase their individuality and style.

As a photographer, I am always looking for new models to work with, and I offer TFP photoshoots as part of this. For those who may be unfamiliar with TFP, it means that the model will provide their time and talent in exchange for a set number of edited images from the shoot. In my case, I offer five edited images for every hour of the photoshoot, selected by the model. This is a great way for models to build their portfolios and for me to work with new and upcoming models, ore more experienced models looking for more from their portfolio.

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If you are a model looking for a photographer, whether you are new to modeling or an experienced professional, I would love to hear from you. Shoots like the one with Eniko in Canary Wharf allow me to explore different locations and capture the unique styles and personalities of models. By working collaboratively, we can create stunning images that showcase your individuality. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss a potential TFP photoshoot and let’s create something beautiful together.

Eniko: Black and White Photoshoot

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