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Effortlessly Stylish: Emily’s Denim Fashion in the City Photoshoot
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The vibrant streets of Sydney’s CBD are the location for bringing this shot to life with a fashion in the City photoshoot. Model Emily takes center stage, seated on uniquely-shaped chairs in Pitt Street Mall,seriously if you’ve seen these chairs they’re incredibly odd at strange right angles. The photoshoot revolves around denim fashion, and in this particular shot, Emily showcases those fashion vibes in a pair of jeans and a black jacket.

The photograph is built around an editorial look, enhanced by the black and white processing that adds a touch of sophistication. Captured with precision using a Canon 5D Mark IV camera and a Canon 70-200mm lens, for the detail of the model and narrow depth of field for the surrounding location..

To discover more photographs from this fashion in the City photoshoot, and us really embracing the denim vibe, head over to the portfolio here and for another shoot with Emily, featuring some moody shots on the beach take a look here! And hopefully more in the future shoots with Emily when back in Sydney!

fashion in the City photoshoot with model Emily

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