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When Clothes are too much effort. Sunday morning vibes in a bra with model Catarina shot on Kentmere Pan 400 film
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Join me again as I share the story of a photoshoot that captures the essence of a carefree Sunday morning with a touch of intrigue. Featuring the lovely model Catarina, and shot on Kentmere Pan 400 film using a Canon EOS 5 camera, this collection encapsulates the magic of a relaxed weekend morning.

The London apartment provided the perfect backdrop for our Sunday morning-themed shoot. Its spacious rooms, large windows, and abundant natural light created an intimate setting for a series of shots that exuded the tranquility of a leisurely Sunday morning.

In this collection, Catarina donned a simple white bra perfectly embodying the laid-back atmosphere of a Sunday morning chill session. As the soft morning light entered through the windows, we began in the bedroom, capturing both vulnerable and self-assured moments. As before, some shots were taken from outside the bedroom window, offering a voyeuristic perspective that added an intriguing layer to the overall series.

Transitioning from the bedroom, we made our way to the kitchen, maintaining the relaxed vibe. Catarina effortlessly embodied the carefree demeanor of someone enjoying a lazy day at home.

All of these captivating images were captured using Kentmere Pan 400 film and a Canon EOS 5 camera. This collection beautifully exemplifies the distinct qualities that make film photography so special. Through intentional engagement with the camera and thoughtful composition, the photos showcase the raw mood of each moment. I was thoroughly impressed by the performance of Kentmere Pan 400 film and look forward to using it in future projects.

Film photography possesses a unique ability to capture nuances, textures, and emotions that digital formats often struggle to replicate. The inherent grain and tonal range of black and white film add a captivating aesthetic, breathing life into each frame.

Stay tuned for upcoming looks from this mesmerizing photoshoot on Kentmere Pan 400 film. Next, we will explore a similar set featuring Catarina naked across the various room, further embracing the vibe of this shoot. Additionally, more shots from this shoot will soon be shared, captured in digital format and there are model here also shot on film, this time with Kodak Gold 200!

This Sunday morning-themed photoshoot in a London apartment was an incredible experience that allowed me to bring to life the vibe and story I had envisioned. By incorporating film photography into this project, I created a collection that not only captures the present moment but also embraces the unique mood that analog mediums like film can evoke.

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