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Monochrome Portraits on the beach – Trying a new editing style
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Model Aarthi at the beach in Sydney

Here is a new image from this monochrome portraits on the beach photoshoot with model Aarthi. The beach was Delwood beach in Manly, Sydney. With a mixture of swimwear and coverups we went for some moody vibes at the beach and the post processing for these has been mostly black and white.

For the processing of this image I wanted to try something different closer to high end retouching. Normally I’ll do some colour (or black and white) edits and then some adjustments across the image with basic skin editing.

Along with monochrome portraits on the beach with this photoshoot we also did some urban fashion around Manly Corso, so go check out the rest of the images here. There will also be some images featured soon shot on Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford Delta 400 film using either a Canon EOS 5 or an Olympus OM20/OMG.

I’m back in Sydney in March 2023 so if you are a model and would be interested in a shoot please get in touch. I’m also available in London or Norfolk the rest of the time so also send me a message if you would like to shoot there!

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