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Moody Beach Portraits With Model Elen Moore
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Beach Photoshoots

I’ve added three Moody Beach Portraits with model Elen Moore to this portfolio. These new edits have a filmic look and a have a bit more contrast to my usual editing style.

The phootshoot took place on a cloudy and cold morning on Little Congwong Beach in La Persouse, to the south of the Sydney’s CBD.

That cloudy morning and these muted colour tones hopefully add to the moody from the shoot.

To see more of these moody beach portraits with model Elen Moore then go have a look at the rest of the images here.

If you are a model interested in a photoshoot, or even just want to give modelling ago then get in touch here.

Always looking for models for photoshoots in London and Norfolk, and where possible Sydney too.

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