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Contrasting Outfits with Locations: A Unique Photoshoot at Little Congwong Beach in Sydney
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Little Congwong Beach in Sydney: A Unique Backdrop for a Contrasting Photoshoot with Model Vanessa Aniott.

Early morning beach photoshoots are always special, but my recent session with model Vanessa Aniott at Little Congwong Beach in Sydney was truly unique. Instead of the usual swimwear and bikinis, we decided to capture contrasting shots by shooting Vanessa in partial clothing that was very out of place. In the three shots featured in this post, Vanessa poses in a dress that’s typically used for going out, but we got it wet, sandy, and even topless for a wild and ‘in ruin’ vibe. Vanessa was fantastic to work with and fully embraced the concept, making it a memorable experience with some great results.

To achieve a timeless, classic feel for these photos, I shot on a Canon EOS 5 film camera using Ilford Pan F 50 plus black and white film. The grain and depth of this film created a stunning effect, elevating the photos to a whole new level. Shooting on 35mm film is always worth the extra effort and expense, as it captures the subtle nuances and textures that digital photography simply cannot replicate.

Black and white photography has a timeless and classic feel that is perfect for evoking emotion and nostalgia, and is often used to convey drama, depth, and mood in photos. The contrast between light and shadow in black and white photography is particularly captivating, and can be more forgiving in terms of imperfections, making it a great choice for portraits and fashion shots alike.

At Roker Photography, I offer TFP (time for print) photoshoots to models in London and Sydney. After the shoot, I provide five edited photos of the model’s choice, allowing them to select the best shots to showcase their personality and style. My goal is to capture unique and creative shots that highlight the model’s individuality, just like we did with Vanessa at Little Congwong Beach. If you would be interested in a photoshoot, get in touch!

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