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Photoshoot at Little Congwong Nude Beach in Sydney with model Azarah Murray
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In November 2022, I had the opportunity to work with a new model, Azarah Murray, on a photoshoot at Little Congwong Nude Beach in Sydney. The shoot took place early in the morning when the beach was still quiet and peaceful, and the theme for this part of the shoot was topless with jeans.

We wanted to create a very casual and carefree vibe where being topless on the beach was an expression of natural beauty and freedom. Azarah kept her bikini top in her hand for a few of the shots, adding to the casual and relaxed feeling we were aiming for. As the sun started to rise, we moved on to take some shots with swimwear and topless with bikini bottoms.

For the shoot, I used a Canon 5D Mark IV camera and a Canon 70-200mm lens, which is my go to choice when travelling due to its versatility and great image quality.

Little Congwong Beach is a beautiful and secluded spot in La Perouse, Sydney. The beach has crystal-clear water and soft white sand, which provided a perfect backdrop for our photoshoot. We were lucky to have such a picturesque location all to ourselves, which allowed us to focus on capturing the perfect shots without any distractions.

Azarah was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her natural beauty and confidence shone through in every shot, and we were able to capture some truly stunning images. We ended up with a great mix of shots that captured the carefree and relaxed vibe we were aiming for, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

In post-processing, I decided to play around with some black and white and colour contrast to add a bit of drama to the images. Black and white photography can be incredibly powerful and effective in conveying emotion, mood, and atmosphere.

This Photoshoot at Little Congwong Nude Beach in Sydney was a great experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented model and in such a beautiful location. I hope to work with Azarah again in the future and if you want to see more from this shoot head over here!

Model: Azarah

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