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Sunday Morning Vibes: A Captivating Photoshoot in a Victorian Apartment with Model Catarina
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In this blog post, I’ll take you on a story through a photoshoot in a charming Victorian apartment in the heart of London. With model Catarina as the focal point and Kentmere Pan 400 film loaded in a Canon EOS 5 camera, I aimed to capture the essence of a carefree Sunday morning with an air of subtle intrigue.

The Victorian apartment served as the perfect backdrop for our Sunday morning-themed shoot. It’s large ceiling, big windows and flooded with natural light set the stage for an intimate collection of shots for a Sunday morning feel.

For this collection of shots, Catarina wore a simple white tank top, embracing the ethos of a perfect Sunday morning chill time. As the morning light streamed through the windows, we started in the bedroom, capturing both subtle moments of vulnerability and self-assurance. Some shots were taken from outside the bedroom window, offering a voyeuristic perspective that Catarina skillfully played into, adding a layer of intrigue to the overall series.

Transitioning from the bedroom, we moved into the kitchen, to continue the chilled vibe. Catarina effortlessly embodied the relaxed vibe of someone relaxing at home, with no cares on a Sunday morning. Finally moving onto the bathroom for a moment of reflection.

These images are shot entirely on Kentmere Pan 400 film with a Canon EOS 5 camera, this collection exudes the distinctive qualities that make film photography produces. Through active engagement with the camera and deliberate composition, the photos showcase the raw and unfiltered beauty of the moment. Kentmere Pan 400, a film i’ve wanted to try for a while now as coming from the amazing Ilford range of films, but with a small cost saving. Hugely impressed by the film, and will be picking up more rolls in the future!

Film photography has a unique ability to capture nuances, textures, and a depth of emotion that digital formats often struggle to replicate. The inherent grain and tonal range of black and white film add a captivating aesthetic to the images, breathing life into each frame.

Stay tuned for upcoming looks from this photoshoot on Kentmere Pan 400 film. Next in line is a similar set featuring Catarina wearing just a bra, continuing the vibe from this photoshoot. Finally, I will conclude with a series of art nude shots that celebrate the human form. More shots from this shoot will also be shared soon, captured on digital format but there are a few more on that format here already.

This Sunday morning-themed photoshoot in a charming Victorian apartment was a great experience in play with a vibe and story i’ve been planning for a while. By using film for some of the shots from this photoshoot, I managed to create a collection that embraces the present while simultaneously embracing the mood an analogue medium like film brings to life.

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