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Capturing Sunday Morning Vibes: A Photoshoot with Model Catarina shot on Kodak Gold 200
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I’n this post we’ll explore a great Photoshoot with Model Catarina on Kodak Gold 200 film. The location was a Victorian style apartment in the heart of London. with an Olympus OM20 (or OMG) camera. This collection encapsulates the essence of a carefree Sunday morning, exuding a “don’t care about the world” feeling that is effortlessly captivating.

We embarked on a creative journey to capture the raw authenticity of a relaxed Sunday morning. The concept was simple: Catarina, wearing casual items of clothing or sometimes nothing at all, embracing the perfect look for a chill day an not caring about.. anything. These shots, taken from the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, offer a voyeuristic yet intimate perspective, as if an unseen observer documented Catarina’s day while she willingly played to the camera.

While I was using various medium for this photoshoot, Every click of the shutter for these images was using Kodak Gold 200 film, ensuring every frame meticulously composed, embodied the essence of analogue photography. Shooting on Kodak Gold 200 film with an Olympus OM20 camera added a depth and character to the visuals. The absence of digital manipulation or filters heightens the authenticity of the shots, ensuring that each moment captured is preserved in its purest form. Film photography is a medium that demands intention and mastery, allowing for a unique storytelling experience that stands the test of time.

Kodak Gold 200 film is an excellent choice for capturing portraits due to its distinct characteristics. With its medium-speed ISO, the film offers a fine balance between grain and detail, resulting in smooth, natural-looking skin tones and a pleasing overall, somewhat vintage, aesthetic. The film’s wide exposure latitude allows for a forgiving nature, accommodating various lighting conditions commonly encountered in portrait photography. The subtle color saturation and balanced contrast of Kodak Gold 200 add a touch of warmth and depth to portraits, enhancing the subject’s features and bringing out their personality.

Catarina’s presence and her ability to effortlessly engage with the lens created an atmosphere of candid charm. Each shot reflects a subtle voyeur vibe, reminiscent of a fly on the wall, observing her private Sunday morning. Yet, she remains aware of the audience, adding an intriguing layer to the photographs. The simplicity of Catarina’s white tank tops, white bras, and nude ensembles serves as a canvas, drawing attention to her natural beauty and captivating personality.

While this collection showcases the mesmerizing shots captured on Kodak Gold 200 film, the main part of the photoshoot was also beautifully documented via my usual digital medium. Stay tuned for more images that provide a different perspective while maintaining the Sunday morning vibes. These upcoming shots will capture Catarina’s allure with enhanced clarity and vibrant tones, allowing the digital medium to highlight her radiant energy against the backdrop of the enchanting Victorian apartment.

Before then, be sure to checkout more from this shoot in black and white using a Canon EOS 5 camera and Kentmere Pan 400 film. That can be found here with more coming soon and there is a sneak peak of some of the digital shots here!

The Sunday morning vibes photoshoot, is one i’ve been looking to shoot for a while, and the length of my shoot with Catarina gave me a chance to tell a number of different stories with the various looks, so there will be a few posts on this in the coming days and weeks. It’s also a theme i’m going to explore more in the future and focus on some smaller parts of the story of a Sunday morning at home.

With this Photoshoot with Model Catarina on Kodak Gold I feel we encapsulate the beauty and freedom found in embracing the present moment and through the medium of film photography. And we have created a collection that immerses viewers in the raw and intimate moments of a carefree morning.

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