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Photoshoot with model Kayleigh using Ilford Delta 100 film
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Model Kayleigh for a Photoshoot in London, shot on film with Ilford Delta 100

New photoshoot on Ilford Delta 100!

During this recent shoot with model Kayleigh I took the opportunity to get some more shots on film. This time trying out Ilford Delta 100 with my Canon EOS 5, which I’m really impressed with. I shot with Ilford FP4 for a shoot earlier in the year, but this, for me, is next level. Will definitely be using Ilford Delta 100 again in the future.

Really like Kayleigh’s look in this shot and will be adding more from this roll of film soon!

It was also great while on holiday over the summer to see so many people with film cameras walking around. Hopefully demonstrating that film is really not dead and has a long future.

If you are a model and interested a photoshoot please take a look my castings page or get in touch to discuss other ideas you may have!

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