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Bikini Photoshoot on Bondi Beach
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Photos from a Bikini Photoshoot on Bondi Beach with model Cibele taken on a bring sunny spring morning in Sydney. Cibele brought along a selection of bikinis and this photoshoot took place across the beach and on the rocks at the south end of Bondi Beach.

The bright morning light for this bikini photoshoot on Bondi Beach did make the shoot a challenge out in the open with the glare from the sand, but made for some great light one the shade of one of the Bondi Lifeguards towers and by the rocks.

For the post processing for this shoot, I’ve tried to go mostly with either a monochrome look or a vintage, semi Los Angeles feel to the shoot. Monochrome is rapidly becoming one of my favourite photography styles as I’m finding I really like not having the distraction of colour. But for colour, I’ve been following the work of a few LA based photographer and models and live the light they have in the shots, so tried to replicate that to some extent, with the amazing light from Bondi Beach and Sydney!

I’m always looking for new models to work with! If you would be interested in a shoot, please get in touch.

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