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Winter Fashion Photoshoot in London
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Featuring images from a winter fashion photoshoot in London with new model Divija. For this shoot we shot a couple of looks around Kensington and the streets near Hyde Park and the Albert Hall. One location a road crossing which has now featured in several of my photoshoot and a location I really like as an amazing red bricked building and tree in the background that works really well with a narrow depth of field.

I also shot for a second time near the Albert Hall – there are some red bricked buildings, which with the afternoon light create a really nice warm feel to images. I think that area is going to become a new favourite location for summer or winter fashion photoshoots in London.

Model Divijia is a new model, but really embraced the spirit of the shoot and with the outfits she brought along made for some great shots from this shoot with a mixture of fashion and lifestyle images. Hoping to shoot again with her in the summer.

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