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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the ideal photoshoot length?

I would recommend either the 2 or 3 hour photoshoot packages. Both allow for a couple of looks and is a good amount of time to keep energy levels high for the shoot!.

Do you do studio shoots?

To keep costs low I typically shoot outdoors or indoors in non studio environments. I also prefer shooting in locations that offer a much more interesting vibe, than a single colour or studio backdrop.

Do you arrange Hair and Makeup/outfits?

Again, to keep prices lower I normally suggest the model does their own hair and makeup and brings along some outfits they want to shoot it. This helps ensure the models get the shots they really want for their portfolio.

Do you offer these shoots outside the UK?

Sadly, not at this time, but i’m very happy to collaborate on a shoot outside of the UK.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure the photoshoot at time of booking and the full amount paid at least 48 hours prior to the shoot taking place is required. Full payment not being made in time will mean the shoot is cancelled and deposit withheld. In the unlikely event I need to cancel the photoshoot, then the deposit/full amount will be returned in full. Additions to the photoshoot can be purchased at any time, but need to be paid in full before images are supplied.

Are you available to shoot everyday?

At this time, due to other photography commitments, I only offer these shoot over select weekends.

Where do you shoot?

Primarily London, but other locations around Norwich and the Norfolk Coast are also possible.

How do I book?

Web booking is coming soon, right now click on the link in each of the packages above and send me an email with details (and any questions).

Photoshoot Packages

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Silver Package


Gold Package


Bronze extra edits (each)


Silver/Gold extra edits (each)


Content Package One


Content Package Two


Extra Full Edits (each)


Extra Colour Edits (each)


Extra SooC (each)