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Topless Monochrome Portrait
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topless monochrome portrait
Topless Monochrome Portrait

This portfolio featured images from an early morning swimwear and topless photoshoot in Sydney with model Azarah and this topless monochrome portrait is one of my favourites from the shoot with the casual vibe from Azarah.

The location for the photoshoot was Little Congwong Beach in La Perouse. The theme of the shoot was swimwear and topless with Azarah modelling a selection of bikinis and denim jeans with a moody casual vibe.

I prefer more natural portraits instead of obviously posed images, unless the photoshoot is very fashion based, and Azarah did a great job of both the swimwear shots and the topless freedom and carefree vibe at the beach I was going for.

Most of the shoot took place on the beach, but this shot was taken at the end of the shoot as we were heading back. The bush track was a little more sheltered than the beach and made for a great location for a very casual vibe from Azarah.

Azarah did a great job for this swimwear and topless photoshoot in Sydney and La Perouse and Little Congwong beach and such and amazing location.

I’m always looking for models, and if you would be interested in a shoot please get in touch!

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