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Winter Photoshoot on Praia do Canavial in Lagos
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Over Christmas, after several postponements due to covid, I got to shoot with model Stephanie from Lagos in Portugal. The weather was warm enough for a winter photoshoot on Praia do Canavial – one of my favourite beaches in the area.

We shot a mixture on the beach and some of the cliff tops near to Ponte da Piedade. A very bright sunny afternoon meant for some surprisingly harsh sunlight for a winter afternoon, but we managed to get some nice shots on the beach. A couple are below with a bikini top and denim look.

Praia do Canavial is a beach that reinvents itself all the time, with large sand movement and this year there wasn’t much sand high up the beach, so as the tide came in and the sun got lower we moved onto the clifftops above the beach. There is more from this shoot with more denim and swimwear looks here.



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